Hey, hi, how are you? I’m Kelly. I LOOOOOOVE to sew! I didn’t always though, and I really started sewing clothes just a year ago. I purchased my first sewing machine four years ago….I was so excited to get to sew that I cut out an adorable dress pattern for my one-year-old. That dress has still not be made. Nope! It’s sitting on my sewing table. Seriously. Two years after that, I began cloth diapering. I needed cheap cloth wipes. It took me TWO HOURS to figure out how to get the bobbin wound. Apparently sewing is rocket science. In four hours that night, I managed 6 5×5 baby wipes. 40 minutes per wipe? (That is probably wrong because I’m bad at math…and don’t feel like doing it right now) Crazy. So then, I decided to make my husband a quilt for Christmas. You know, a natural progression. (that Christmas present was delivered some time around March. Woops!) Through a very interesting path, I found my way to making clothes, something I NEVER thought I would do….never ever ever ever ever. My mother made my sister and I clothes when we were growing up. There is photographic evidence. I shall share that here. I vowed to never do any of that. Major disclaimer: my sister and I chose the fabrics my mom used…it was the early 90’s. There was little chance it would be timeless. It is NOT her fault. So here I am, obsessed with sewing, using my mom’s old serger, the one only two years younger than me, making clothes for my family. Everything from underwear (for all four of us…yes…even for my husband) to fancy party dresses to attend weddings. I am learning something new nearly constantly and I have recently started hacking some patterns, causing people to ask me if I had a blog. I didn’t…but I do now! I hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave me some feedback!

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