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Road Trip!!

My mom and I decided last year that this would be the summer we take our epic road trip we have been wanting to do since as long as we could remember. And since circumstances have changed a bit since we dreamed this up,  we will now be bringing my two kids with us….it will either be awesome OR we will loose our minds. Will report back later.

We both have the travel bug. That’s how I ended up living in Ohio.

But seriously,  I love driving, exploring new places, and seeing the country (and world!).

So what could be better for our upcoming (July 5th!!!! ACK!!!) road trip than family shirts?!?!

I know right??? So fun!


So this is the shirt. (Note: I had one all made up for my daughter with a matching skirt and guess who was just not having it?  more fun……or something)

The idea is that as we enter a new state, we will fill in the state with a fabric marker and take a picture with the state signs (the ones that aren’t horribly placed in the middle of a bridge…ahem…Ohio, West Virginia, and a few others).


The super heavenly Cream Modal I used for my top (am my daughter’s…ugh) is from Sly Fox Fabrics. Cream is the right term too because I feel like I am just bathing in soft, creamy goodness when wearing it. Soooooooo soft on my skin!

And the super fun polka dot navy I used for my skirt is one of the very first fabrics I purchased when I fell in love with sewing years back. I knew it would be perfect for a project one day. I was NOT wrong.


I love that I can feel comfortable AND pretty in this outfit so I can drive AND be presentable. So often on long road trips I resort to wearing the comfiest (read:grungiest) clothes I have because they are easy to wear and don’t move around all over the place requiring being pulled out of places they move to. But this skirt (from the Petite Stitchery Juliet pattern) and tank (from the Petite Stitchery Taffy pattern) will have me comfy, cool, and wedgie free for all the miles to the west coast and back!

SOOOO excited to fill in all of these states!!!

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  1. I love, love, love your sunglasses and the shirt idea is genius! 🙂 Hope you have a great time on your trip.

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