Sunday Lately #158



Cherishing: The concept of “hygge.” I have been decluttering with a purpose and trying to create cozy, snuggly spaces in my home. The first room I did this with just kept drawing me in….making me want to be there. It is swathed in sunbeams and just makes me happy. I can’t not smile and feel happy in there. I was so digging Hygge this week, I decided to make this cut file to share. There are PNG and SVG options <3. You can get it here.



From cozy clothes, to relinquishing command of my favorite blankets so they can now be couch blankets and actually used, appreciated for all the comfort they bring. We snuggle SO MUCH in this house, so cozy blankets are basically necessity. It was also Warm/Fuzzy/Cozy week over at The 52 Week Sewing Challenge

Applauding: The incredible work of my teammates over at Petite Stitchery & Co.! There truly is nothing like having a team of women all working together, forging ahead through whatever is thrown their way. I have learned so much from them in such a short time and am absolutely THRILLED to get to continue on this journey with them. I pinch myself when I realize I am living out my dreams and it’s because I am lucky enough to work with them!

Singing: Entirely too much KIDZBOP because my children have recently become obsessed. Thankfully there is a station dedicated to just their music on SiriusXM because my kiddos can now listen to their favorite music without some of the seriously inappropriate lyrics that come with the songs on the “regular” pop channels. I may or not have found myself listening to the station while in the car alone on more than one occasion. Oops? 😛

I hope you are all having a great weekend. We are preparing for more snow here and I could not be more thrilled to continue creating cozy spaces, cozy clothes, and, of course, snuggling as much as possible.


Happy Sewing!



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  1. Haha were big fans of the KidzBop pandora station at my house. So, I feel you there!

    And oh man, I heard about the hygge concept on the TV show “Younger”. I didn’t know it was a real thing! 😂

    • Hahahah!!!!! I saw a few books pop up around the “life changing magic of tidying up” craze, but didn’t think it would blow up like it has. I’ve been seeing it everywhere and when I saw the definitions this morning, I just couldn’t stop myself 😛

  2. I’d love to know how you feel hygge jives with having kids. Right now we’ve really managed to let the baby take over our nursery space (a closet in our master) and minimally throughout the rest of the apartment… but tiny humans really can come with a lot of stuff!

    • Oh gosh, it doesn’t 😂😂😂😂 when the first kiddo was a baby, it was easy because there wasn’t much stuff. But at 4 and six, I’m just now getting past “survival” and have been able to be more
      Mindful of what goes where and what should be kept. Luckily their rooms are upstairs, so the “kid zone” is delegate from the rest of the house :p I’m juuuuust jumping in to hygge and warmed up to it after walking in to a room that gives me that feel every time I enter it 🙂

  3. Hygge! This is what I need in my life! This coming week is going to be all about organizing and cleaning for me since I have several women coming to my house next week but hygge concept is what I’m really searching for!

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