Maybe My Favorite Dress EVER!


I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t hack my own pattern. It just feels natural to take something I love and turn it in to something I love even more….even if I don’t actually have anywhere to wear it yet. 😛

So I hacked The Rory.


Now I have to give a major shout out to this seriously hard working fabric because my I-cups are contained by nothing underneath there! Now, it was a thicker Ponte, so my serger did give me some major eye rolls a few time. We sang cumbayah, I apologized for making her work so dang hard and then explained my vision and she realized how important it was to do the work even though she didn’t want to.


So you want to know how to make it, right?! Let me show you!

Step One:

Cut out all pieces of The Rory pattern except cut only one sleeve instead of two.

Step Two:

Lay both bodice pieces out right sides together and use a straight edge to mark a straight diagonal line from the shoulder to the bottom of the armscye.

Step Three:

Cut along the line you just drew while holding your breath and praying you don’t screw this up because you only have enough of this fabric to create one version of your vision and the vision is VERY specific and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it until it comes to life.


Step Four:

Measure the length of the new edge you just created. To create the binding, you need to double the measurement and then multiply this measurement by .85 and cut a band to your desired thickness (I used 1.5 inches). To create the ruffle you will need to cut a strip of fabric four times the length of your measurement.


Step Five:

Sew a basting stitch (one or two rows) and gather the ruffle to be the size of the new neckline. Finish the bottom of the ruffle as desired. I used a rolled hem to add a little bit of extra curling to the bottom of the ruffle.

Step Six:

Sew the bodice pieces together at the rides with the pieces right sides together. Add the sleeve according to pattern directions as well.

Step Seven:

Baste the ruffle to the neckline.

Step Eight:

Fold the binding in half just as you would a neck band. Pin it to the inside on the new neck line. and stitch or serge in place. Topstitch the binding.


Step Nine:

Finish the dress according to the pattern instructions.

Step Ten:

Put the dress on and look in the mirror and look at how gorgeous you are!


I would love to see all of your hacks, this or another version! Use #PSRory when you share so I can keep an eye out!

Happy Sewing!



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