Rory and Lulu, Embarking on a New Journey


It’s today! It’s today!!!

Why am I so dang excited about some random Tuesday in November? Well I’m about to tell you. <3

Ok, ok , okaaaaay….I’ll just show you!

Lulu PromoRory Promo

The Lulu Dolman was designed by Jennifer Jeremiah and The Rory Dress and Peplum is my first pattern. Together they are the first women’s mini collection releasing TODAY (!!!) at Petite Stitchery.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to share my love of sewing and style (thankfully I progresses past my fourth grade phase of 80’s aerobics wear) with all of you, now through actual patterns instead of just hacks!

In creating The Rory, I really wanted to create a style that would be effortless and classy enough for work, but could be spiced up a little for a fun night out….in the cold months (if you have them where you live) without having to hide what you’re wearing with a sweater or coat.

Enter the turtleneck….my childhood nemesis…the tops my mom loved so much she had multiple drawers (I’m NOT joking here) dedicated to them, owned them in every color and justified this by demonstrating their varying fabric weights when we begged her to thin out her collection. I actively avoided turtlenecks because, in my childhood, the crazy cat lady wasn’t a thing…..I didn’t want to turn in to my mom, the turtleneck hoarder.

And here I am today…releasing it as my first pattern….an homage to the woman who has taught me, fought for me (and with me too), and loved me despite endless “wrong” decisions…despite my constant (totally constructive) criticism of her choice of wardrobe staple.


Not only do I get to create something fun, sassy, and modest (my husband snickers when I swear this pattern is modest), but it apparently has some sort of magic boob juice. I’m totally not joking. Nobody’s boobs look bad in this top.

When I was creating and fitting the pattern, before testers, before anything….I drafted the pattern and sewed up my first trial. I was telling the other amazing Petite Stitchery designers that I was just about to take pictures to show them the dress and prepare for testing….and my husband walked in the door.

“Hang on guys…this might take a minute…my husband just got home and he REALLY likes this dress.”

He walked back to my sewing room where I was standing hoping he somehow wouldn’t see what I was wearing, but he did and his eyes got all googly, a sly smile spread across his face.

“I just need to take a few pictures first.” 😉

I got my pictures…..and this pattern will forever be known to him as “the one with the good boobs.” 😛

I can hardly wait to see you all sewing it up for yourselves!

Happy Sewing!




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