The Rory Dress; MY Rory Dress


So a loooong time ago, when my daughter was three weeks old, I traveled to Maryland from Ohio for a doctors appointment at the military hospital there, and visited my friend Joyce while I was at it. I had my three-week-old daughter in tow and Joyce was giving me heaps of clothing, a swing, and anything else she could unload because she didn’t have a baby and had just unpacked long term storage after having been in Japan. Also because she’s amazing.

The biggest thing Joyce gave me on that trip, though, was a spark…a teeny tiny spark. She showed me her sewing space. She showed me a skirt she was working on for a friend’s daughter.

Then a year and a half later, I was visiting her again. This time we met in a hotel. I was again in Maryland for an appointment at the hospital. She was cloth diapering her newish baby. I had a different new baby now, a 3-month-old. More sparks went flying surrounding the cloth diapers.

A few months prior to that trip I had purchased a sewing machine, a very basic (read: piece of crap) machine, but it had yet to be removed from the box. It still wouldn’t be for at least five months.

It wasn’t until I couldn’t fathom paying somebody else to sew straight lines for me (cloth wipes) that I finally opened the dang box and made something ( cloth wipes…not with straight lines).

Fast forward to today. My son will turn five in March. There have been few days since that first that I haven’t found something to sew, read about sewing, etc. Today I finalized the details of my very first PDF sewing pattern and am preparing to release it VERY SOON with Petite Stitchery! EEK!

Meet Rory (here she is made with fabric all from Mily Mae Fabric minus the lace bodice):




She has become my favorite dress for work and just about anything else. This week, as the testers start sneaking, you will see that she is also a peplum, long-sleeved, and sleeveless.

And because you know I can’t resist a hack, I’ve already hacked her. DUH! But, you’ll have to stay tuned for that! It may be my favorite hack to date and I swear it is not just because it is a hack for my own pattern. 😛

I really cannot thank the ladies who helped me test Rory enough! I feel so lucky to be have this opportunity and you all seriously rocked it! <3

Happy Sewing!



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