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During testing for the Chelsea Pants, I fell in love with the classic and sassy look, the slight bell…just perfection.

So when the blog tour was announced, I knew I wanted to do something super fun for my turn. I searched and searched for just the right thing and when I came upon some bell bottoms with cut-outs in the bells and I fell in love. So I present to you, my Chelsea Peek-a-Boo Hack:

I was trying to envision something fancy and velvet, but every time I went to plan them out, my California roots just snuck right back up on me and the hippy denim and fringe just spoke to my soul, so I ended up with these instead and I love them so much.

Want a pair for yourself?

Here is how:

Step 1:

Cut out one pair of main fabric and one pair of lining fabric for the legs of your Chelseas and then Cut the waistband according to the Chelsea pattern instructions.

Step 2:

Sew both main and lining along the front seam and top stitch.

Step 3:

Decide how large you want your opening to be and cut a uniform shape (or non uniform shape…hey, go crazy!) from the main Fabric, then use that cut as a guide to do the same to the lining fabric.

Step 4:

Lay your trim out and cut strips for the other leg as well.

Step 5:


Sand which the strin between the lining and the main fabric (not shown) boy flipping the lining fabric from shown position over the clip  and clipping in place and then sewing/serging in place.

Step 6:

Top stitch


Step 7:

Hem the bottom of the pans that is not cut out.


Step 8: Finish pants according to the pattern. 🙂

That’s it! Now you have one groovy pair of bell bottoms!

Don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter giveaway below to win the Chelsea pattern or free fabric from Aurora Designs! And of course, go check out all the other ladies awesome makes on the tour!

Happy Sewing!




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