I No Longer Hate Pants


Way back in yesteryear when I was just a girl of 12, I walked in to Wet Seal during back-to-school shopping searching for a pair of black bell-bottom pants that would actually fit me. I knew it was an impossible mission. I walked out that day and went home to safety-pin my 8-inches too long pair of bell bottoms….AKA tapered leg pants….possibly a boot leg. I wanted them to be bell-bottoms sooooooo badly.

Needless to say, when Greenstyle Creations previewed The Chelsea Pants, I was salivating, thrown back to my 12-year-old self in Wet Seal all over again, except this time I KNEW I was going to leave with exactly the pants I wanted! Heck yes!


I do not think I could love them more. I just do not.


Now this pair is a fun and funky mint corduroy. I feel sassy and like nobody can stop me…. except the ground…. and gravity when I was done taking pictures….


Needless to say, when I headed out to photograph this awesome pair in black stretch velvet from Sly Fox Fabrics, I wore FLAT sandals.

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So if you ever wanted a pair of bell-bottoms, flare-leg pants, or just super comfy pants with some sass, check The Chelsea Pants out! Make a pair! Let me know what you think!

Happy Sewing!



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