Shine Bright



So, if you don’t know me, you might not be aware of my infatuation with fall and all things it entails. Welcome to my love affair 😛

Matching Mommy and Me Movie Night Pj’s from Sew a Little Seam? Heck yes! Thanks Kelly Ballou! You rock and please join me everybody in congratulating Kelly in reaching a huge milestone by surpassing 10K members in her SALS Facebook Group! Head over and join to get the code for the women’s Pj’s! You’re gonna want them. They’re SUPER comfy!



There will be some for my other kiddo in the future as well, but I needed something for us, fur just us gals. She started Kindergarten and is growing so fast. She is so raw to the word around her and I so badly want her to just stay little. I know matching PJs won’t stop that, but it’s a bandage on my mommy heart for just a little while


“Shine bright Momma,” she tells me as she bops me on the nose gently with one finger. Oh little girl. How I hope you shine your light for the world to see. She is so vivaciously herself and I encourage that every chance I get. Now she is encouraging me to do the same and I love seeing it come back.

So, head over to Sew a Little Seam, check out the awesome patterns, and don’t forget to shine bright!

Happy Sewing!



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