Hackety Hack I’m Back!


Today I bring you an amazing hack inspired by an amazing Mermaid!

Inspiration:                                  My version:

I saw this posted last night on the Made for Mermaids Facebook page by somebody looking for suggestions on how to get it done. I knew immediately I needed to make it…and ASAP.  So you know that is exactly what I did. And of course, I’m here to share just how I did it so you can too.

Step 1:

Get the Mama Claire pattern and pick a nice roomy crossover hood pattern. I chose the Crossover hood from the New Horizons Designs Tami Revolution Hoodie.


Step 2:

Lay your hood out, using the front of the Claire bodice as a guide for tapering and length. This part really and truly is not an exact science. I lined the top of the bodice piece (shoulder) with where I was PRETTY SURE it would fall on the hood (it helps if you have used the hood previously so you are familiar with it. I chose one I was familiar with). Then I cut around the hood, down the legnth of the Mama Claire crossover, up an inch to a half inch (again….personal preference is at play here….)and tapered back up in a TOTALLY imprecise manner to where the front of the hood picks back up.

To make this quicker with your lining fabric, you can use this cut as your pattern piece for your lining. The pieces will match up better that way as well. 😉


Step 3:

Cut out the remainder of the Mama Claire pattern according to directions minus the bands for the neckline because we will not be needing those. Also cut a lining (same as the regular bodice).

Step 4:

Sew the main hood and hood lining together, then attach the main and lining pieces along the top (not neckline) of the hood pieces.

Step 5:

Sew the shoulder seams of the main and lining bodice pieces together. DO NO SEW THE SIDE SEAMS!!!! I have mine clipped because then they don’t get all flappy and give me attitude.


Step 6:

Hmm….I’m trying to remember. I should write this down as I go from now on, huh? Step six….step six…..if I say enough, it’ll come to me?

Ok, step 6 is attaching the hood! yay!!! You can start with the main or lining, but do one side at a time. Line the hood up int he middle of the back bodice and clip or pin the hood all the way down, ensuring you are clipping ONLY the main hood to main bodice and lining hood to lining bodice. Repeat on the other side.

Here is what it will look like when you are ready to sew:


Step 7:

SLEEVES!!!! Yay! I chose not to line my sleeves. I usually prefer them unlined. You can totally line yours if you want! So attaching the sleeves here works exactly like it does in the pattern. Easy peasy 🙂


Step 8:

Time to finish those side seams. You might want to apologize to whatever machine you will be using to finish these seems before you go forward with this. maybe use a fresh needle too. Layers galore! This step is also done exactly as in the pattern instructions….just a few more layers….and changes int he number of layers along the way. Just go slow, pin or clip to your comfort level, and make sure you keep the layers lined up as you go. 🙂

Step 9:

Throw the thing in a heap on your table and take a nap with your dog. If you don’t have a dog, no naps for you, skip to step 10.


Step 10:

Attach the waist band as instructed in pattern instructions. You can choose to hem your sleeves if you’d like as well. I drafted my own cuffs based off of the sleeve measurement and I am not going to give you the measurement because I wish they were bigger 😛 Live and learn 😛

Step 11:

Rock your awesome new crossover hoodie you didn’t pay $100 for! Heck yes!


Happy Sewing!






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