A Trip to the Mountains….sort of :P


If you have seen my fabric stash, you know I am totally addicted to hoarding fabric…it’s just reality and I totally admit to it. I try my best to share this glorious world of fabric with as many people as possible as often as possible, hence strike-off sewing! Not only do I get to sew to my heart’s content, but I get to share that love and help other people find the gloriousness.

This time around, I’m sharing some seriously beautiful (AND SOFT!!!) cotton/lycra from Midnight Mountain Fabrics!

I didn’t realize until moving to my current home that I am a major fan of cold weather. I considered for a brief period moving to Alaska and dream of living somewhere in northern Canada where the snow is abundant and there would be little for me to do outside of sewing, reading, and playing in the snow. So…the moose…and those more northern animals are near and dear to me. This moose sweater makes me deliriously happy! I wore it to a long day of doctor appointments the other day and everything was so soft, I just kept petting it. The solid black C/L is also from Midnight Mountain Fabrics and was just as amazing as the prints!

My daughter was toooootally not having pictures and just wanted to go play with her friends despite getting to pick out her own outfit (I gave her a color range to stick with :P). Then I asked her to twirl…

The purple on these prints is so vibrant! I’m madly in love!

MY very favorite, though, will continue to be the moose 🙂 Easily one of my favorite things I’ve made!

So go check out the round open at Midnight Mountain Fabrics!!!

Happy sewing!



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