Babe! It’s The Long-Awaited Crossover Sweater Tutorial!

Babe! It’s The Long-Awaited Crossover Sweater Tutorial!

So long long ago….okay…just last fall (?) I hacked a sweater pattern to be the ever-popular cross-over style. I promised you all a tutorial. A promise is a promise, right?! I am FINALLY going to make good on that promise!

Drumroll please………

I happily present to you The Babe Hoodie from the do It Better Yourself Club hacked in to a crossover sweater all from the amazing fabric over at Sincerely Rylee!

Yes…it even has a hood incorporated! Can you say new favorite?!

Okay…..soooooo….here’s the DL on how all of that happened.

In all honesty, I had this Babe fully sewn up and had to cut bits off and what not to make this, but I am going to tell you how to do it from the start. Thank goodness it worked because I would have been seriously sad to ruin all this glorious Sincerely Rylee Fabric!!!

Ok…here goes 🙂

Step 1:

Cut out the pattern as directed for whichever version you are making.

Step 2:

Cut the front bodice piece in half directly down the center.

Step 3:

This step is technically optional, but this hack works best if you cut curves into the bottom center pieces of your front bodice so the band will hang better when you are all done.

Step 4:

Sew The Babe exactly as directed except DO NOT sew the hood lining together in the front!!!! You will just have to cut that seam off later if you do (it is what I had to do :P).

Step 5:

Measure from the very middle top of the hood down the center front and all the way down to the side seam. You will cut two bands at this length minus 2. Next measure the bottom of the back bodice and cut one band at that length minus 2. I do not provide a width because you can make the band as thick or thin as you want! I love wider bands for a slouchier look and a SERIOUSLY cozy sweater!

Step 6:

Sew the two long bands together and connect those bands to ONE end of the short band. Pin or clip the open ends together right sides together. You will leave this seam open until the VERY end because your band will twist and it is soooooo much easier to keep track of this way.

Step 7:

Place the seam where both long band pieces meet at the top and begin pinning/clipping down one side until you get to where you want to crossover (I try to keep this point as close to the middle of the sweater as possible, but you can crossover wherever you like). Whe you get to the crossover point, you are going to twist your band so it is right sides together with the other side of the front bodice piece. When you get to this point, I find it best to go back to the top and work the other side down to the crossover point as well. This will create what I call the “top circle.”

Step 8:

Now you will do the same pinning to create the “bottom circle” as you work your way around to that open seam from both ends. When you get to the open seam, untwist the fabric and place the ends right sides together and stitch or serge. Fold the band back up and pin or clip in place to the bodice.

Step 9:

Sew both circles and get as close to the crossover point as possible. I like to start and stop at the crossover point, but that is preference and you can start or stop wherever you like. sewing in two circles really is the easiest, though. I promise!

You’re DONE!!!!

See! Super easy! Now go sew all the crossover sweaters and shirts!!!

OH! and the INCREDIBLE Jessica Hooley has so graciously provided us with a 20% coupon through the 15th with the code SEWWEDNESDAYS. Amazing!!!

Happy Sewing!



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