It’s Getting Hot, Hot, Hot!


I’m going to preface this post by letting you all know that I don’t remember the last time I comfortably wore shorts of any sort. I am pretty sure it was some time in high school or immediately thereafter when I had an eating disorder and weighed 100 pounds soaking wet. Even then…I was surely not comfortable…I was starving myself.

Ok….so I tell you that to tell you that Kristi over at George and Ginger made me love shorts probably for the first time in my entire life outside of infant hood. I joked with her during testing that the last time I loved a piece of clothing so much was when I tried on my wedding dress.

You want to see them??


Here’s the kicker….These Heat Wave Hot Pants help me to love my body instead of criticize it! This is one of the major reasons I transitioned to making my own clothes instead of shopping for them. I don’t know of a single time in a dressing room where I really loved how I felt in the clothes I was trying on….save that one time in my wedding gown, which I never ended up wearing (anybody need a wedding gown? it’s still i my closet!).

These shorts (and so many other items I have added to my wardrobe) make me feel beautiful and look at my body it a positive way because they fit correctly and were designed by a woman FOR a woman’s REAL body.

Our bodies are REAL.

Our bodies have CURVES.  See?

Too few mass-market designers take that in to consideration when designing clothes for women. The Indie PDF designer world has revolutionized this and making my own clothes means I can customize the size and adjust the curves to match the ones on my body. And I have curves for days!!!

These shorts epitomize that process and I will wear this pair and many more to come all summer long!

Thank you Kristi!

Happy Sewing!



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