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Do you ever feel like maybe you should have lived in a different era? Despite my excessive sassiness, my style is totally vintage. I prefer dresses to pants, love all things floral and frilly,  and adore pyrex and Tupperware. I would have been a great 50s housewife except for the fact that I would not want to actually be a housewife and I refuse to be obedient to my husband.

Anywho….I know by now most of you have hear of Vintage Lace and have had an opportunity to check out their fabrics. I have to tell you about their upcoming fall round, like HAVE to because it is by far one my favorites they’ve run. The detail in these prints is epic and the colors are to die for! Just look!!!!

The pumpkins and footballs are so much fun! I wanted to keep them all to make things for myself, but I decided my kids deserved to get in on the fun too. 😛 I made my daughter a maxi Joy from Made for Mermaids and my son the Baby Bear Joggers from Patterns for Pirates.

I save my favorite, the gorgeous brushed poly leaves, for myself. Not only is the fabric base seriously luxurious, but the crisp and vibrant print is just freaking gorgeous! I knew it needed to be my first matching bra and panty set! I used the Rad Patterns Lucky Lingerie Long Line Bra and the Stitch Upon a Time Scrundies Boy Shorts. Such a fun combination!!!

Check it out for yourself!

I hope you guys all get a chance to check out this amazing round of prints as well as the killer patterns I used because these ladies all work so hard to provide these patterns and fabric!

Happy Sewing!



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