Breaking Out


Hi!!!! Sorry guys, I have spent the week catching up big time after the family being sick Sunday through Tuesday. I had sewing and major cleaning to catch up on and we’re still not quite there. My son started Puking Sunday, My daughter and I started Monday, My husband’s wallet was stolen Monday night while he was at work and his truck was broken in to, my BIL disowned me, and I was supposed to be at a three day work conference Monday through Wednesday. Sooooo…..I was ready to start fresh after all of that. People always say to start fresh with a new day. How fitting, then that Kristi, over at George and Ginger started testing her Day Break Rashguard and Top. Just what I needed… break on a fresh new day!

Yes, I really did feel that happy. A new day had dawned, nobody was puking, I was twirling in a field in a gorgeous, flowy Boho skirt from Sincerely Rylee fabric, wearing my first ever midriff top, all topped off with a floral crown I made that morning. Yes, I was feeling beautiful, free, relaxed, and happy.

Ok, back to the Daybreak, because it is glorious. I have spent some time this early spring turning tops in to bathing suits. This pattern was exactly the opposite. This is meant for swim and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it for swim. I also ADORE the hemline and want all the shirts made out of it also!!


I have to show you the rashguard version also, obviously, because…well…pineapples!!! The bottoms are the Patterns for Pirates Hello Sailor Swim Bottoms. I use them for ALL THE THINGS!

Okay, just a few more pictures for glory 🙂

Also, there is a Sew Along over at George and Ginger Sew Alongs to hack not just the Daybreak, but also other George and Ginger tops in to Swim tops with no support needed. You’re going to want to be there for that! I know I’ll be there!

Happy sewing!



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