Come-a come-a Come-a Kamaria!



So I’m not usually a romper person, mostly for practicality issues, but this pattern by Sansahash, the Kamaria, is absolutely precious and I needed to make it…my wovens were practically beggin me to pick them. I could hear them…”please! i’m begging you! Pick me!!! PUUUUhhhhLeeeeeAsE!!!!”

I had finally picked out some fabrics and sewed my first go at the pattern…..It was a major whoops….functional, wearable, but not what it was supposed to be. Sooooo….I had to go back to the fabric grind stone. I literally was in my bottom shelf hoping to find just the right thing…..then it happened. WAAAAAAAAAAY in the back of the cavernous wovens shelf lay a vintage sheet set with pink roses that happened to match perfectly with a quilt-style (but not quilted…patchwork maybe?) pink fabric I had purchased at Joanns last summer.

It was like I was meant to totally jack up the first sunsuit.

The second version went together much more quickly and was much easier (I was trying new techniques and learning a TON…AKA making ALL the mistakes possible :P). I only made one error this time, which was pretty easy to unpick and fix.

Results? Unadulterated Infatuation! The classic pattern gives off a vintage vibe with modern updates and is adorable for the summer!

Now go enjoy this pattern and the warmer weather! <3


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