Sunday Lately: 116


Sunday Lately 116

Progressing: I am making progress in getting my sewing room better organized, working to do so as my abilities and aspirations grow. I feel like the last year has been spent constantly growing my space and my skills and now that a few stores at our local mall are closing and selling their fixtures, I was able to procure a gorgeous wood and steel cutting/sewing table AND a reposition-able mannequin for the low low price of $60! Pictures of the table to come <3


Neglecting: My kitchen….sorry kitchen! Oh wait…sorry, not sorry. If I have to choose dishes over sewing, I’m pretty sure there is a clear order of operations there. Sewing NEARLY always comes before dishes….especially when my husband leaves for three days to go do something fun and leaves behind a sink full of dishes, two overflowing hampers, and plenty of other messes. Today, he is home and let me sleep in, so in my renewed and much happier mental state, the dishes came first. No…there shall be no picture of this!

Purging: In order to make space for this new mannequin, I had to do some purging of photography equipment that I just do not use anymore….things like a backdrop stand and backdrops that just didn’t work well for the space I had, also a vintage high chair I refurbished for first year birthday pictures and an infant posing pillow. Out with the old and in with the new-to-me!

Wondering: What I will do with my time when AmeriCorps get the hack and I no longer have a job….okay…not so much wondering what I will do with my time…that’s easy to fill with sewing and blogging and having all kinds of fun with you all. My real concern with what the country will do without AmeriCorps and what my school will do when the capacity is not quite built out for the grants they have been given. I am wondering what Habitat for Humanity will do when they no longer have AmeriCorps members to help run their affiliates and build homes for people who would never otherwise be able to own a home.

Craving: Time, sleep, and to be out of pain.

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I am a budding portrait photographer who spent the last 7 years as a photographer and journalist in the Marine Corps. I have always wanted to be a successful photographer outside of the Marine Corps, so I am giving it a go!

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  1. As soon as I read this I instantly wanted to respond with my Own progressing neglecting purging wondering craving. I’ve never even thought to organize my thoughts like that. Thank you! Are procrastinating and neglecting the same to you? Cuz my list would be gigantic.

  2. Procrastinating and Neglecting are not the same to me….when I’m procrastinating, I’m still thinking about it and am focusing on it. When I’m neglecting, it’s totally by the wayside. I’d love to see you post your own version!

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