Sunday Lately: #115


Sunday Lately 115

Smelling: Burnt plastic >< My girl child has been able to make herself Ramen noodles for a while now. It’s nothing new. The other day she wanted to make herself some and I told her to go ahead. She forgot to put the water….the whole house smelled like burnt plastic for a good four days. When we cook in microwave, the smell briefly returns. I’ve added “new microwave” to the far-too-long list of things we could use.

Wanting: TO GET MY SELF BACK ON TRACK….any track really…mostly a healthier track. I have been trying to be more active, getting more exercise, doing more standing and less sitting at work, and getting in some squats, eating more salads, fruits, and veggies.

Tomorrow I start Aqua therapy to help alleviate some of my pain and help me become more active as well to kickstart some weight loss. I’m excited to continue this journey. I may be the turtle in all of this, but I’ve been the hare before and it’s never worked.

Reminiscing:Oy! I’ve been doing too much reminiscing lately. Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived a bunch of lives and been many different people. I have my pre-hair self, my post-hair self, my line-dancing self, my Marine Corps self, my MOPS self, and my current self. I love all of the things I’ve done and the places I’ve been. I’ve been very lucky in my life…there is quite a bit to think back on šŸ™‚

Memorizing: the names of too many medications :/

Completing: HAHA! This one is easy! What haven’t I been completing?! I’ve been a testing and strike-off sewing fool lately! Here are some of the projects I’ve finished in the last two weeks:

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