Let’s Talk About Love….errr….Fabric


First, apologies are in order as I feel I have abandoned y’all lately. Yipes! Certainly not intentional, just been majorly busy with…well….life. It happens to the best of us, right? <3

Soooo….anywho…I wanted to take a moment to talk about fabric…specifically about my two favorite types: Liverpool and Double Brushed Poly Spandex (DBP). They are both forms of poly spandex, but they could not be more different outside of the fibers that make them up.

While I was sewing this morning, I was thinking about this because my mind tends to wander and, really, I encourage that. Liverpool and DBP are as different as cats and dogs. Cats rule the roost, demand you treat them well and to be placated with compliments, do whatever they want even if you did follow their rules, and really, you just kind of have to hope things are going to work out: I present to you DBP, the spoiled rotten stuck up cat of the fabric world.

Just like cats, though, there are many positives to DBP. It is one of the softest, coziest fabrics I have felt, holding seriously bright and vibrant colors. Here is an example of DBP sewn in to the newly released Made for Mermaids Mama Isabel:

Then there is Liverpool. It is like your old dog, who has already been house trained, knows most of the basic commands, and does what you tell it to do when you tell it to do, and is pretty dang cute while its going about its business.

Liverpool is seriously easy to work with thanks to its texture and I rarely even need pins or clips to keep it where it needs to be while sewing it. While being supremely easy to work with, it tends to drape well, have a great structure, though not overly stiff, and comes in some of the most gloriously beautiful prints and colors I have seen.

Here are some examples of Liverpool sewn up in a Patterns for Pirates Sweetheart Skirt and Patterns for Pirates Palazzo Pants.

So now that I have told you of my love for these fabrics, I need to tell you where they came from. Brenda over at Pretty Posh Prints sourced these fabrics for her group. Seriously amazing quality and….ummm….WAY gorgeous!

Questions about other fabrics? Ask a question in the comments!



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  1. Liverpool is truly one of my favorite fabrics in the world!!! Like you mentioned, the structure and drape are amazing and it’s so easy to sew with!

  2. I love sewing with Liverpool! I always recommend it to people who are just starting with knits or a serger . . . it’s so easy to sew! <3
    And my love affair with DBP is very real, haha. You look gorgeous in Everly!

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