I don’t normally get too fancy…well…not to go anywhere anyway. I still haven’t worn my wedding dress and my husband and I have been married for 7 years in April…if that gives you any idea of just how un-fancy I am. I mean, I am SERIOUSLY dedicated to my sweatpants. We also don’t go on traditional dates when we do go out.

So when the opportunity came up to make a sexy date-night outfit, I had an instant idea of what I wanted to do. It needed to have cleavage (so lower cut than a turtleneck :P), curve hugging (all of those curves that aren’t there because of my c-sections), and…well….the sexiest I could get away with in public.

Here is what I ended up with:


I may never wear it outside of the house and the first time I took the skirt off, I had a panic attack because I got stuck and I was home alone…I’m majorly claustrophobic and my boobs were choking me. That is a thing boobs do when they get too big. Mine in particular have broken too many necklaces to count, bras, and endless buttons.

Part of this process was figuring out how to support said boobs because this top (it BARELY qualifies BTW) was not going to allow for a bra. Enter boob taping….yes…I put duct tape over/on that VERY sensitive skin.

All the Boobs were happening!


While making this outfit I had to test the top and skirt with other fabric first because I needed to make sure they were going to fit. Now….the first top I tried to make was obscene and more like a loose vest. I had forgotten the power of boobs. They weren’t having it.

When I finally figured out the right cuts and adjustments, I showed my husband and the outfit was already magic. In fact, despite to finishing this outfit until a few days ago, it has been working for me allllllllll month long (wink wink). When he saw me walk out to take pictures, pretty sure there was jaw dropping involved. “Wow! I’ve never seen you like that before!” Husbands sure do have a way with compliments. πŸ˜›

Alas, the outfit is no more because I didn’t want to have another boob-strangling panic attack and hubby was occupied elsewhere when I came back in. So I cut myself out of it with scissors….don’t worry! I cut the skirt on the seam so I can use the fabric again πŸ˜›

So, having just briefly seen the light of day, I laid to rest this outfit I had just shortly before poured myself in to. All I have left are gratuitous shots of every single curve I own.

Now go out there and WERK!



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I am a budding portrait photographer who spent the last 7 years as a photographer and journalist in the Marine Corps. I have always wanted to be a successful photographer outside of the Marine Corps, so I am giving it a go!

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  11. I am so sorry you had to cut yourself out. I had to do that with a too small bra I made once. I asked DH for help and he didn’t even enjoy it. What a waste. πŸ˜‰

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