Skirted Peg Legs! Yay!


Okay, so if you know me, you know that I LOVE skirts!! When I began running years ago, I would bribe myself to continue with running skirts. Seriously, who doesn’t feel totally, utterly adorable in a circle skirt?

Now who doesn’t want to look said amount of adorable while working out? Fabric just a tiny bit sheer? Prefer a bit more coverage? Just add a skirt! It is seriously easy too! Like silly easy!

Here is what you will need to make this work the way I did it (and without mathing):

Patterns for Pirates Peg Leg Pattern

Patterns for Pirates Sweetheart Dress Pattern

Approximately 2 yards of fabric with 50% 4-way stretch

Sewing machine or serger

Okay, lets get started!

Step one:

Cut out the peg leg pattern and the sweetheart peplum pieces in your size.

Step two:

Sew the leg legs according to pattern instructions, but stop prior to attaching the waistband.

Step three: place the peplum over the peg legs with the wrong side of the peplum facing the right side of the peg legs.

Step four:

Take your waist band and place it over the peplum, using the quartering method (explained in the peg leg pattern) to get the proper fit.

Step five: Stitch or serge the waist band to the pegs and peplum.


You’re done! And now you have some kick-ass skirted leggings! I need so many more pairs of these!!


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