Sunday Lately: 110



Procrastinating: The real question here is what do I NOT procrastinate about? If procrastinating was an olympic sport, I would TOTALLY be there and I might even win gold. That is how amazing I am at procrastination. Things I don’t procrastinate about: spending other people’s money (for work purposes! For work! I’m not a criminal!), buying all the patterns and fabric, keeping up with what is going on with this insane presidency, and loving on my family. Everything else is up for grabs, especially waking up in the morning. That is my absolute favorite thing to procrastinate. 😛

Hiding: Hmmmmmm…..I try not to hide things. I try to be open and honest about what is going on in my life. I try my best to be my authentic self when I post because I think that is important in life and in business. I like to live by the mantra “when people come over to your home, they should leave feeling better about yourself.” That goes for friends, and people I meet online. I want somebody who comes here to read my blog to leave feeling better, happier, encouraged.  I think it is imperative that people all believe that if they want to do something, they can do that thing. If they continue to work for it, they will accomplish it.

Imagining: Really REALLY crazy things thanks to my restless leg meds. The vividness of the dreams I’ve been experiencing is crazy and it frequently feels like they are 100% real. Sometimes they’re super cool and sometimes they’re less-than pleasant. They aren’t scary, though, so it’s kind of like having a TV in my head except I don’t get to pick which channel I’m watching.

Sharing: Happiness! What better thing to share, am I right? We are in an increasingly volatile world right now and if I can find happiness, you can bet your tushy I’m going to spread that ish around as much as I can so more people can choose to be happy instead of falling victim to the doom and gloom so many are feeling.

Praising: Honesty and reality. Your reputation is all you have to stand on. If you’re lying, touting falsehoods, creating “alternative facts,” that’s all you have. That is what people will see in you. If you tell the truth, if you can get over yourself and see past your personal views and beliefs and accept reality, if you can admit your faults and work hard to not make them again, if you can apologize  for hurting other people, even when you didn’t realize you did, if you can appreciate that the great thing about this country is that we are all allowed to have our own opinion and beliefs and that is a wonderful thing, if you can accept and love those people around you who are different than you (AKA EVERYBODY), and if you can be kind and peaceful in your challenging of things you do not agree with, those are also what you will have to stand on.

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I am a budding portrait photographer who spent the last 7 years as a photographer and journalist in the Marine Corps. I have always wanted to be a successful photographer outside of the Marine Corps, so I am giving it a go!

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  1. I seem to procrastinate on things I “need” to do but am not invested in. Like…I take a million years to get my taxes to my accountant (she hates me). And I’ll wait until the very last day to fill out surveys from various companies we have business with. But if I have fabric sitting in front of me, I am ALL OVER IT. Haha. It’s like I have adulting ADD. And laser focus on everything else.

  2. Procastination contest, yo? I am the queen of procrastinating. It should have gotten better with 5 kids. Haaaaaa! I am doing great at it. And girl, I heard ya on authenticity. I can’t stand fakes, snakes or skanks (not to be confused with sluts lol) Be real and unapoloagetic about it, unless you are the currebt prez.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! For REALZ yo!!!! And I have learned, the more children, the easier to put stuff off….for snuggles, for vomit, for potty training, whatever….I can’t right now…I’m busy….I’ll do it later. “what’s that, you say? Ice cream? Fabric? Sewing? Kids, go attack your father.”

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