How to Convince your Toddler to Wear Clothes: 11th Hour Gear


Me: Hey Lushen, how’d you like some 11th Hour Gear?



Meet Lushen, my sweet, 100-mile-per-minute kiddo who runs and climbs and jumps from the minute he wakes up until he passes out at night. He also prefers to do most of this in the nude. I have worked EXTREMELY hard to get him to regularly wear underwear.

Enter 11th Hour Gear, the new set of patterns released from New Horizons Designs! I was excited to sew them up because my kids seem to have not inherited my love of pajamas with feet in them. Must be some sort of DNA mutation. Weird.

Sooooooooo, I quickly sewed up a pair of joggers and a long sleeve shirt, complete with abominable snowman and asked him to try the set on.

He was more than happy to carry out his normal activities with these comfy new clothes on. PS…he jumps from the top of that climbing wall…it’s 9-10 feet tall…I had to put a mattress down and I’ve considered a foam pit…his total love of free fall without regard to what happens when he gets to the bottom terrifies me!

Not only did the 1th Hour Gear work perfectly for his rowdy, rambunctious day of play, when he finally wore himself out, he was comfy and cozy, ready to snuggle. This proved beneficial because they outfit was apparently so cozy, he refused to take it off until it was time to get dressed for school the next day. 😛


What are you waiting for?!?! Head over and check out the pattern ASAP!

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  1. My daughter is too and she is five. They hate clothes and abide begrudgingly by the mandated “at least underwear” law of the land while in the house. 😛 They come home from school and just start stripping 😛

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