Feelin Metro



I was so excited to try out the Metropolitan Pants from New Horizons Designs. I would get to make adorable pants (like pants pants….not stretchy pants) for my kiddo, try out a welt pocket (now I wonder what I was so nervous about!!), and I had a few fun twists I wanted to add to them too, because why not, right??

Best laid plans, huh?

Oh how the mighty have fallen….even though I am seriously far from mighty….cliches are just so much fun!

Sidenote, Geneva the Mastiff is sitting here kicking me in her dreams while I try to type…how rude Geneva!

Oh yes! Back to the pants! So I had these adorable pants all made in my head with perfect charcoal corduroy and a gorgeous vibrant floral flannel for the pockets and to line the pants. Ohio gets VERY cold!

So, I decided to jump right in, skimmed the directions for the welt pockets numerous times and felt like I was ready to sew. I fused and clipped and sewed and flipped…..then it hit me….unless I took the entire pocket apart, my beautiful pants would be inside out.

So…..This is the story of how I made my daughter a cozy pair of TWILL (that’s what I’m calling it and don’t try to convince me otherwise) pants lined with a gorgeous and vibrant floral flannel. Yes….I sewed the pants INSIDE OUT!!!

Behold! Thy pantaloons in reverse!

Seriously, though. This pattern is awesome, the instructions are perfect (if you decide to read them thoroughly and actually follow them), and the finished product is classic.

Happy Sewing!





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