Sunday Lately 105! Picking, Telling, Debating, Mixing, Humming



Picking: New foods to try! My husband and I are kicking off the new year with Whole30. It isn’t going to be easy…easier for me probably….the guy LOOOOOVES his sweet tea and spaghetti sandwiches. We won’t likely be doing anything too crazy, but adding more fruits and veggies and eliminating all dairy, sugar, and grains should be a great way to not only help our bodies be healthier, but help teach our kiddos about new healthy and yummy foods.

Telling: Myself to not yell at my kids…..hahahahahahahhaha…..hang on…bahahahaha…..wait….let me gather my composure a bit…..yeah…..I am trying. They are five and almost four and have…crap….I literally just yelled at my son to quit treating the dog like a stuffed animal while writing this paragraph. This will be a significant challenge. I told the kids that today was “no questions for mommy” day. That’s not going so well either.

Debating: Making myself a sticker reward chart so I actually do my chores. I want awesome stickers, though…with glitter and sparkles and curse words and ALL THE SASS! I feel like maybe I would be more motivated to sweep and mop (okay….just mop because my Roomba is being delivered Tuesday….YAAAAASSSSSSS) and do the dishes if it involved stickers…..maybe? I tried Rumchata and Egg nog first and that just made me want to take a nap….so stickers are next on the list.

Mixing: Medications….nothing dangerous…I PROMISE!!! I am just attempting to supplement my current regimen with vitamins and supplements to enhance the effects of the prescriptions I really don’t want to have to take. Also seriously considering finding out how to get my hands on edibles for pain. I really really really don not want to end up on long term pain medication of any sort. I’ve been in an on and off debate of how much I’m willing to risk the legalities to get my hands on something natural that works. I hate that natural pain relief is illegal but pain relief that has been proven to lead to addiction and is at the core of the current drug epidemic is a possible legal solution. Agh!

Humming: Sweet sweet lullabies after my kids go to bed…you know…that moment when they no longer seem to be out to get you remanded to the custody of an insane asylum and turn back in to adorable angels who tell you how much the love you and shower you with the best kisses and hugs you could ever imagine.



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I am a budding portrait photographer who spent the last 7 years as a photographer and journalist in the Marine Corps. I have always wanted to be a successful photographer outside of the Marine Corps, so I am giving it a go!

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    • 😛 My husband likes to have italian bread with his spaghetti so he can pile the spaghetti on, fold it in half, and then eat the sandwhich 😛 my kids now do the same thing.

  1. Props to anyone who can do the Whole 30… I haven’t been brave enough to try! Your hubby sounds like me… I’ve been known to eat leftover spaghetti on the go wrapped in a tortilla: spaghetti burrito!

    • Whole30 is not easy by any means!!! I did it earlier this year and ended up with Gout….go figure…but I’ve giving it another whirl because I need to do any and everything to counter the effects the steroids I take are having on my already quite voluptuous body 😛 Day three today…I had to say no to my kids’ leftover ice cream last night….like who even doesn’t finish ice cream?!?!

  2. Rumchata and eggnog sounds ah-mazing! lol. Stickers are definitely more practical for midday. Although, I’m not really sure there’s anything that motivates me to clean. 😛

    • Amazing and DANGEROUS!!!! You cannot taste ANY alcohol whatsoever. I was tipsy after two sips (total lightweight). Soooooooooo good, though!!! Maybe I just need a sticker that says “that’s fine, just clean later! go snuggle the dog.” 😛

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