Dear Small Child I Need to Take Pictures Of


My daughter, she is a force to be reckoned with. I have to tell myself daily this is a good thing that will serve her very well as she grows. She is fiercely independent, knows what she wants, and REALLY knows what she does not want. She is emboldened and empowered and she voices her needs, goals, desires, and insights without fear of retribution. She is going to rock people’s worlds. She is also five years old.

95% of the time, she is totally game to throw on a new dress/shirt/pair of pants and a little lip gloss and take pictures (lip gloss TOTALLY required, says her). However, here in Ohio, we quite suddenly went from late summer to early winter overnight. It was 39 degrees and there were 15mph winds. We were cold. The dress in question? The beautiful new release from Made for Mermaids, the Dreamy collection’s new addition, Noelle.


I  absolutely must tell you that this dress is SO DANG QUICK to sew up! It is as fast to sew as it is versatile! I totally rushed through my first one and sewed the peplum on crooked because I am TOTALLY AWESOME, or I would show you a more casual version. It was just too easy to go all dreamy and fancy with this gorgeous velvet I found.

The fuzzy (cozy, hello!!) cowl was a total happy accident when I had folded my velvet back up already and didn’t want to unfold it. As I was being increasingly lazy, I noticed the remnant of fury minky and a lightbulb appeared over my head

Back to the pictures. I am VERY lucky that some of my kiddo’s less-than-happy faces look similar enough to a smile they can pass, and also that she loves to twirl and is usually easily bribed with hot chocolate or ice cream (season-dependent). Yes, I bribe my child to let me take pictures of her. I didn’t used to, but when it began happening more and more frequently, the case became that she was really helping me out, so I guess maybe I don’t bribe her? I compensate her for her time. Yes, that sounds MUCH better!

Anywho, puuuhhhLEASE just look at this gorgeous dress pattern and consider heading over to the M4M Facebook page to check out even more versions! This is THE perfect Christmas dress for little girls everywhere while also being an amazingly cute top with less fanciful fabrics!




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