Calm Waters? No Thanks!


Anybody do things the easy way? Yeah, me neither! Where’s the fun in that? following directions is for sissies, right?! WRONG!!!! Okay….not always wrong, but I am a firm believer that you should definitely at least LEARN the rules before you go breaking them all over the place. I needed to give myself this lecture today when I jumped in to this vision of a dress I had in my mind.

It all started when the amazing Terra Jennings over at New Horizon Designs so graciously provided me with one of her amazing patterns to sew up. The Pier 7 Dress…it’s fun and breezy and gorgeous! Seriously, just check out the pictures! Only problem? Fall is well under way here in Ohio and I am in full-on love with Fall. Making a breezy, flirty dress is where it is at right around March when I grow weary of piling on the blankets and sweaters. Fall is all about sleeves and leaves! The fix for that? the Pier 7 Add-On pack and some gorgeous jewel-toned chiffon!


Have I mentioned my love-hate relationship with chiffon?? It is so beautiful when things go right! SOOOO DANG BEAUTIFUL! However…when…say…it catches on your feed dogs constantly, you sew the bodice to itself more than once during creation, or you even think about how you really would appreciate if the material would just cooperate…..yea….then it will get a little sassy and make sure you know who’s the boss. So…I apologize for the wrinkles, but man was I done with this fabric! I’ll steam it some other time.

The pattern? SOOOOOO much more friendly than the dang chiffon! This was my first experience with pin-tucks and they were surprisingly less scary than I thought they were going to be. Now I want to sew them on everything (just not in this devil fabric)! My absolute favorite part of this Pier 7 pattern is the incredible versatility! Capsleeves through long sleeves and shirt-length to maxi! You will need the add-on pack for the added versatility, but the shirt itself is adorable. So, what I am saying is….what are you waiting for?!?! Go make yourself one of these awesome dresses for fall!


Oh yeah…One more thing…happy sewing!


-Kelly <3

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