Growth is Never Easy


I have been having numerous conversations with my wee kiddos recently about how frustration and anger are healthy emotions and that we use our words to talk about the feelings rather than rage in a rather animalistic fashion. I need to give myself this speech regularly when I am trying to master new techniques and especially when I am trying new sewing methods for the first time.

Before I go further, I feel I should mention that what I am about to show you was worth ALLLLL the growing pains I experienced in the process. I am happy for the growth, exhilarated at the end-result, and my sweet girl and I are madly in love with the final product!

I give you…….dun dun duuuuuun….The Andover Pullover from New Horizons Designs.


Not only is this pattern adorable, it is so versatile and can be either a pullover or a jacket. The pockets are so dang sweet too! Just look at them!

I added a decorative stitch to mine for a little extra flair.

I spent the majority of an afternoon going back and forth between actually sewing and just googling the gorgeous bright pink up against the black and white houndstooth. Not to mention petting this rayon flannel houndstooth fabric. I had to actively keep myself from rolling it in.

Now, for legal purposes, I have to tell you that the amazing Terra Jennings so generously gave me this pattern to try out. The being said, I adore all of her patterns and happily buy them as well 🙂 Small business rocks y’all!!

Here are a few more pictures of my sweet girl in this perfect-for-fall and princess-ready Andover Pullover.

Thanks for reading!


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