Sunday Lately: Week 59: Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being


Sunday Lately


Updating: My Resume!!! Yay! This week coming up was supposed to be my last week at my current job. Well….apparently my employer had different thoughts on that and despite my loyalty and (apparently bad) decision to give them way more notice than I needed to, I was informed on Friday afternoon that my services were no longer needed, to pack my stuff, finalize any paperwork, and turn in my keys. Needless to say I was shocked and PISSED!!! Super Rude! But I ran from the desire to behave like a child, throw a tantrum, and give them all the middle finger. Man was it tempting, though! I quietly and quickly packed up my stuff, finalized any finalizations that needed finalizing, and then sat there in silent protest until 4pm. After two days of perspective, it will be nice to have some time to transition. Also, I realized there is no point wasting my time thinking about and being upset about something that has ZERO BEARING on my life going forward. Onward!!! Woohoo!!!

Remembering: This precious moment four years ago. <3 It is one of my absolute moments with my precious girl.


Needing: NOTHING 🙂 My needs are met. I am loved and have an awesome family to give all of my love to. I have fabulous friends. I have plenty of fabric and thread. I should eat better, I guess. That’s in the works…I swear!

Wearing: Clothing made my MOI! Last weekend, when my husband reminded me about the PILES of clothing reproducing on my dresser that were begging him to nag me about putting them away, I actually put them away….and then…I took most of the remaining store-bought clothes in my closet and put them in a bag to take to the Goodwill. I will eventually get there…but I am thrilled they are no longer in my closet and am frantically planning my future sews of clothes for me…I need a spring wardrobe now 😛  This is totally excessive…but I am way too proud of having replaced my store-bought wardrobe. Only problem is that I don’t want to STOP making clothes for myself….

IMG_0011 IMG_0095 IMG_0142 IMG_0190 IMG_0377 IMG_0502 IMG_0559 IMG_0752 IMG_0869 IMG_0930 IMG_0957 IMG_1051 IMG_1217 IMG_1384 IMG_1477 IMG_1669 IMG_2045 IMG_2417 IMG_9733 IMG_9781 IMG_9869 IMG_9937

Being: Present…or trying to be. Since I went back to work full-time in October, I have been making a conscious effort to really enjoy my kids and pay attention to them when I am home instead of distracting myself with other things. It is so easy to be distracted by my phone, by so many other things….but when I only get an hour and a half every evening with the tiny humans I grew inside my own body, I will make as much of that time as I can! Or try to. I’m working on it. What I am trying to say is that I am trying to only sew while they sleep…except this week…because I’ll be home with them instead of at work 😛

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