Sunday Lately: Week 58: Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, Craving


Sunday Lately

Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, Craving

Creating: A screenplay. Yikes! I know….a screenplay is a big undertaking. I would not have gone about this on my own, but it is for one of the last courses in my Master’s degree. Tonight I will be writing the rough draft. It is about a woman who loses her mother just a week after her daughter is born. Her mother has known through the majority of the pregnancy that she was sick and terminal, but chooses to not to preserve the magic of pregnancy for the daughter. For some reason I struggle with writing fun, lighthearted stories…they are always major emotional evolutions that have me crying while writing them. Maybe it’ll be a real movie one day, but not likely 😛

screen play

Finding: Illness. Yes…we have been finding all the germs lately. I have missed at least one whole day of work for the last three weeks because myself or one of my children were sick and either puking or had a fever. Just when we think it’s over, we get the next thing going around. It has been a looooooong and sickly month.


Switching: I have been switching out my regular recipes out for new ones. It was time to shake things up! I have been (of course!) using pinterest to find a few great new recipes. Here, here, and here are some of the new ones I have been trying out. I heart pinterest for their recipes. I am pretty sure my husband feels the same. 🙂


Forgetting: Guilt! I have been actively working on letting go of my guilt. My husband and I have been trying to have more time together, dates if you will, and previously these made me feel guilty. Within the last few months I also returned to full-time work. I needed it so badly after having been home with my two small children for the past four years. I was losing myself in my love of them and what I thought was my dedication to them. I forgot to remember who I was, that who I was was important also. Going back to work forced me to remember that I was a person aside from my children and that I could have input in the world that had nothing to do with them. It was a strange realization, but one that I very desperately needed. I am now enjoying more time focusing on my marriage, my husband, our family, and even my own happiness.


Craving: Chips and Salsa. I am ALWAYS craving chips and salsa. I could live on it, easily! I believe it is the perfect food. Lately I have been in love with Garden of Eatin’ Blue Chips.

chips and salsa

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  1. A screenplay, that’s awesome! I took a play writing class in high school and loved it, and then never did anything afterwards haha. I’m posting some new recipes I’ve tried in the next couple of weeks – checking out the ones you’ve shared!

    • I may never write another one, but I really enjoyed the process of this one! I was very emotionally attached to the storyline (obv, because I created it :P) and that always makes it an easier and more enjoyable process.

  2. How awesome you’re writing a screenplay! Thank you for talking about losing yourself while at home with kids. I’m there now and need constant reminders that “I am me.” Sometimes being here make me feel isolated. Glad you’re finding your happy place again.

    • I think it is a VERY important topic to talk about. A friend of mine recently went through something similar and has started back at work full time. I think it is just easy to pile stuff on ourselves and not wanting to say “no” until there is so much and we don’t remember why we started in the first place :/

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