The Sweater That Did NOT Want to be Made


I was excited, inspired, and had a vision! These two things stuck out to me and needed me to sew them up. They were calling to me. The lace is so beautiful and the pink is calm and just sort of ethereal. Needless to say, I fell head over heels.


This sweater….I almost quit on it soooooo many times. It really fought me at every turn. I cut one sleeve THREE times before I finally cut it right. I had to buy more lace and fabric just to cut the dang sleeve.


I did not realize I had done something wrong until I already spent 30 minutes stitching lace on to the sleeve. As it turns out, I had cut the sleeve correctly, but had sewn the lace on the wrong side.


The second time I cut the sleeve, I did cut it wrong, though. Yeah….that was how every inch of sewing this darn sweater went. I broke a serger needle, ran out of stretch thread in one looper, went to replace it and the knots in the thread came out so I had to re-thread the whole thing. It was definitely testing my will and my patience. Here is what the trouble-making sweater looks like now that I have won the battle:


This was my last entry in Patterns For Pirates #pinspiredpirates contest and probably my favorite DESPITE the ridiculous journey to completion.

I thought briefly about having the lace be sheer because I thought that would be so pretty, but then I thought I would also like to actually wear the sweater after all the work I had put in to it. The track record of mistake on this guy had me doubting my scissor skills, so I just left well enough alone. Maybe I’ll cut it out another day.

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