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Doing: Lately I have been…changing…for lack of a less vague word. My life has been changing. In November, I had a massive flare of an autoimmune disease I have been living with for the past five years. For three weeks I could not control my temperature, was in constant pain from every cell in my body just aching, and wanted to sleep around 18 hours a day (but got by on 12). Basically nothing happened for three weeks if it wasn’t an absolute necessity. It gave me time to think about what is really important, what I really want to be doing. I have taken steps to simplify my life, cut out things that didn’t need to be there, and am trying to spend more time just enjoying life and being appreciative. It has been a hugely positive change from something that was pretty rough to go through. I have more spoons these days!


Appreciating: My husband!!! I recently went back to work and he has been watching the kids in the afternoon, doing laundry and dishes, and the other day he randomly decided he would make a cake, a CAKE!!!!! By the time a came home, there was an empty sink, all the laundry was folded, the cake was frosted AND DECORATED WITH FRESH STRAWBERRIES! He is one amazing man and I am lucky he chooses to stick around.

GReg's strawberry cake


Designing: My mind and work space. In line with the changes of recent, I have finally gone forward with investing in myself, my time, my space. I am now actively pursuing sewing, learning about sewing, and so much more. So I have been designing my sewing space and rearranging my brain to accompany this new paradigm shift. I was also designing my bathroom, but that is over now THANK GOODNESS!!!


Humming: I have been humming a non-specific happy tune lately. Life has been pretty good, pretty calm, and pretty happy. (Knock on wood!)


Expecting: I am expecting this next year to be quite an adventure! I recently accepted a position to go back to work with AmeriCorps. I will be working through the Education Alliance to grow a STEM program at Wheeling Park High School. As a young girl, I always wanted to be a scientist and even began a Biochemistry degree. It quickly became apparent that I was literally allergic to the field of study and I would not be able to continue. The little scientist in me is elated and the grown-up me who is passionate about service is excited to give another year to AmeriCorps and my community!


About arosephoto

I am a budding portrait photographer who spent the last 7 years as a photographer and journalist in the Marine Corps. I have always wanted to be a successful photographer outside of the Marine Corps, so I am giving it a go!

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