Renovating With Toddlers


In April, we will have lived in our home for five years. The people who lived here before must have been on acid because every room (and ceiling!!!) were different colors. There was wallpaper in weird places….like just some trim in the hallway and one small strip secured with (I swear!) super glue in the front room. For the longest time, we thought our ceilings were white…then we started painting. Our dinning room was painted a lovely pumpkin color with a MAUVE ceiling.

I tell you all of that to tell you that I have detested the hall bathroom for quite some time now…from right after the living room (previously green walls and yellow ceiling…I promise. You can’t make this stuff up!), dining room, and hallway were fixed. I didn’t realize how much I hated the bathroom because the other rooms were SOOOOOOO BAAAAAD.

I really wish I had taken better before pictures, but I totally spaced until I already started demo. I was way too excited to tear out a vanity made of cheap counter top and a cabinet secured with one (ONE!!!) screw. Here is what I did take when I finally calmed down.

Somebody thought it would be a great idea to paint this bathroom light puke green with a dark tan trim. My poor husband slept through most of the demo and woke up to a giant hole in the wall. I had not purchased the drywall yet to patch the gaping hole yet. Woops!

I will not show you a picture of the actual drywall patching because I am sorely out of practice and a mirror was purchase to cover my shoddy effort. I am thankful for the gorgeous mirror that covers the whole. It came from Furniture Rescue, an amazing business run by a lovely woman who has created so many pieces for me.

Anywho, after endless hours (in the spirit of transparency, it was really probably weeks and months…all prior to demo! I made a deal that I would not start demo until I had everything I needed to finish the project. My husband is smart!) of scouring Pinterest for inspiration and ideas, I decided on a color scheme (grey and white) and a shelf for the wall above the toilet.


I fell head-over-heels in LOVE with this bad boy and after a cursory search, I quickly decided I would be making my own because holy $$$!!!! I made a few adjustments and did not have access to reclaimed barn wood. I’m calling it a TOTAL Pinterest win! Don’t mind the toddler head. My children REALLY wanted to help with the E.N.T.I.R.E. process….painting included. Why yes, sweet four-year-old, please come in and commit mischief while I am balancing on the bathtub with a cup full of paint.


Do not be deceived by the beauty of these shelves. They are seriously evil. They each require 8 anchors and 8 screws (in really tight spaces!!) in order to sit there so nicely on the wall. I have blisters because I had to do it all by hand. Lucky for the shelves, they’re worth it. Also worth it are those gorgeous tins, which I purchased directly after telling my husband I wanted to decorate with vintage and antique objects. Guess what they are not?

My father-in-law had recently purchased a home to renovate and rent out and called us to see if we wanted or needed any furniture. That call is what spurred this project finally getting off the ground and existing outside of my Pinterest board dedicated to it. He gave us this gorgeous cabinet that was practically meant for the space. Fits like a glove and has little nooks inside, which are absolutely perfect for a bathroom!

The project ended up taking three weeks, which was way longer than intended. It would have been completed in 10 days except a stomach flu struck the house on the second weekend and it just wasn’t happening. There were other things that needed to happen in the bathroom that weekend and they were not nearly as pretty as this final result.

Now that it is done, I am thoroughly exhausted. I just want to lay on the floor and look around in the peace and quiet that is bed time. Also, look away from the light switches. Shipping has been delayed on the cover.


The ruffly shower curtain and little teeny bow shower curtain hangers make me happy in ways that a shower curtain and little teeny bows should not. Maybe it is the paint fumes. The bows, should you be as giddy about them as I am, can be found here.

This bathroom make-over has been an absolute labor of love that I desperately pray I will not have to endure for many, many years to come, but will be worth all of the relaxing baths spent gazing at my no-longer green and brown bathroom. <3





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  1. I love it! It looks so good. I agree, the shelves are totally worth your blisters. What people consider decorating boggles my mind. My house is pretty tame, but my MIL has a green kitchen. It’s her favorite color. Green cabinets, green walls, and dark green trim. It’s a bit much in my opinion. Especially when her living room is yellow. Just not my thing. That cabinet is such a great find! I can’t tell if it was originally for china or records in the pictures but regardless it’s definitely perfect!

    • I think the cabinets was originally for records and possible a record player also. It is amazing becuase now I don’t have to buy little baskets and containers to contain the stuff! We have colors in our home, bu unlike those before us, we chose one SUBTLE color per room. Our living room is a pastel teal color that leads in to a sunny pastel yellow dining room, kind of beachy, and mostly works BECAUSE the ceilings are WHITE!!! I didn’t even know ceilings were ever NOT painted white before moving in to this house 😛

  2. That is awesome! We are in the process of thinking of remodel ideas for almost every area of our house. I pray that I can have some discipline to accumulate all the needed supplies before I start. Nothing worse than having unfinished projects all over!

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