Sunday Lately #121


Laughing: I’m trying to laugh about more lately, but it has been a rough week, however, currently, my dog is in heat….we adopted her from the local shelter about five months ago and I was pretty sure this was coming. We had to wait for her health check before we could have her fixed as she was heart worm positive and we needed to get her healthy enough for surgery. She just had her health check, and she’s doing really well. And then she went in to heat. 😛 I didn’t want to go out and spend money on a doggie diaper when we’re only going to use it once, so I found a 10-year-old pair of my own underwear, cut a hole for her tail, and put in a cloth liner. Pretty sure my husband is laughing at me and I’m laughing at the whole thing.

Suggesting: My mom and I have been going back and forth suggesting ideas of things to do while we are on vacation in Scotland next month. There really are no bad suggestions, right?

Reminding: This week, especially, I have been reminding myself how lucky I am, just how much good is in my life. My family was sick at the beginning of this week. My immune system tends to dictate that I always get the bugs going around with the max symptoms and duration, so I was sick from when my son got sick to when my husband started feeling better a few days later, ended up in excruciating pain head to toe that felt like all of my nerves were frayed and rubbing together. I didn’t sew for two days and I was stressing because I had projects to get done. As I began to recover and feel better, I was reminded just how much I have in my life, how good I have it, how much worse it truly could be, and how I really wouldn’t change anything. 

Embracing: My new jeep:P Yes….I love it and I kinda wanna hug it. I have wanted a jeep since before I purchased my first car back in 2004. There was always some sort of practicality issue. It may still not be the most practical choice, but I’m at a place where if I don’t do it now, my arthritis might dictate that I and not physically able to later down the line, so it is done. I am the proud new owner of a lifted Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and am learning to remember the Jeep Wave. 😛

 Creating: Opportunities! Sometimes they come to us and sometimes we have to work really hard to find our own. I have been blessed to have so many presented to me and those wonderful experiences have pushed me to seek out more.
Hoping you all have a great Sunday!


Breaking Out


Hi!!!! Sorry guys, I have spent the week catching up big time after the family being sick Sunday through Tuesday. I had sewing and major cleaning to catch up on and we’re still not quite there. My son started Puking Sunday, My daughter and I started Monday, My husband’s wallet was stolen Monday night while he was at work and his truck was broken in to, my BIL disowned me, and I was supposed to be at a three day work conference Monday through Wednesday. Sooooo…..I was ready to start fresh after all of that. People always say to start fresh with a new day. How fitting, then that Kristi, over at George and Ginger started testing her Day Break Rashguard and Top. Just what I needed… break on a fresh new day!

Yes, I really did feel that happy. A new day had dawned, nobody was puking, I was twirling in a field in a gorgeous, flowy Boho skirt from Sincerely Rylee fabric, wearing my first ever midriff top, all topped off with a floral crown I made that morning. Yes, I was feeling beautiful, free, relaxed, and happy.

Ok, back to the Daybreak, because it is glorious. I have spent some time this early spring turning tops in to bathing suits. This pattern was exactly the opposite. This is meant for swim and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it for swim. I also ADORE the hemline and want all the shirts made out of it also!!


I have to show you the rashguard version also, obviously, because…well…pineapples!!! The bottoms are the Patterns for Pirates Hello Sailor Swim Bottoms. I use them for ALL THE THINGS!

Okay, just a few more pictures for glory 🙂

Also, there is a Sew Along over at George and Ginger Sew Alongs to hack not just the Daybreak, but also other George and Ginger tops in to Swim tops with no support needed. You’re going to want to be there for that! I know I’ll be there!

Happy sewing!


Sunday Lately #119


Mending: my body! Well, where I can anyways. The doctors found a ton of inflammation in my stomach and upper intestine, so they’re trying to figure out what might be causing that while they treat a bacteria they found in my stomach. Glad it doesn’t seem to be an autoimmune response, though!  I also started aqua therapy and it has been heaven!!!!

Beginning: Kiddo Customs. Should it take off, I have a brand name in mind and everything. Working on Branding, sewing to fill up a shop, and figuring out what my niche will be. I am also working on broadening my horizons, trying new groups, and actually using my Instagram 😛

Doodling: Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh……I don’t doodle. My five-year-old draws better than me and I promise that is NOT an understatement.

Musing: Everything all the time. My brain doesn’t turn off, so internally, I’m more like a toddler constantly asking “why? Why? Why? Why?” 

Applauding: The bird that snuck in to our house two days ago because that mofo houdini’d his way in here and that is seriously impressive!

Come-a come-a Come-a Kamaria!



So I’m not usually a romper person, mostly for practicality issues, but this pattern by Sansahash, the Kamaria, is absolutely precious and I needed to make it…my wovens were practically beggin me to pick them. I could hear them…”please! i’m begging you! Pick me!!! PUUUUhhhhLeeeeeAsE!!!!”

I had finally picked out some fabrics and sewed my first go at the pattern…..It was a major whoops….functional, wearable, but not what it was supposed to be. Sooooo….I had to go back to the fabric grind stone. I literally was in my bottom shelf hoping to find just the right thing…..then it happened. WAAAAAAAAAAY in the back of the cavernous wovens shelf lay a vintage sheet set with pink roses that happened to match perfectly with a quilt-style (but not quilted…patchwork maybe?) pink fabric I had purchased at Joanns last summer.

It was like I was meant to totally jack up the first sunsuit.

The second version went together much more quickly and was much easier (I was trying new techniques and learning a TON…AKA making ALL the mistakes possible :P). I only made one error this time, which was pretty easy to unpick and fix.

Results? Unadulterated Infatuation! The classic pattern gives off a vintage vibe with modern updates and is adorable for the summer!

Now go enjoy this pattern and the warmer weather! ❤


Because You’re a Princess, You Need a Crown


HEy everybody!!! It has been requested that I show you how to make the flower crowns in some of the more recent photos of my daughter. I am excited because it gives me a reason to make a new one (or five) and I adore flower crowns. I love what they add to my pictures and I am totally in love with the ethereal atmosphere they add.

Before I start, I should tell you there are definitely multiple ways to make these and this is just one of those methods, so feel free to follow these instructions, adjust and adapt where you want or need, and then PLEASE PLEASE show me what you come up with!! I love to see what others are working on!

You ready? Okay, here we go!

Materials you will need: 

-brown floral wire

-green floral wire

-green floral tape

-faux flowers

-snips or nippers to cut (I use scissors or cuticle cutters)

Step one: take two twine wrapped wire pieces and twist them together at one end.

Step Two: Wrap said wire pieces around the head to be adorned with the crown, then twist together when you get it where it fits how you want it. Make sure to leave extra room all around because when you attach the flowers, they will use that room right up.

Step Three: Cut your floral pieces from the bouquet or from their stems.

Step four, using the green floral wire and green floral tape, arrange and apply flower cuttings in a way that makes you happy.

Step five: feel glorious with a gorgeous floral crown perched atop your head.

All done! I think I’ll wear this one to do my grocery shopping….spice life up a bit 😉

Please share what you make with me! Wednesday Sweden

The Bomb!


Hey y’all! I am so excited to announce that I have joined the Emma Bomb team as a guest blogger and will be sharing tips, tricks, and happiness with you all over there a few times a month now.

Their fabric and trims are seriously fun and luxurious!

Head over to their blog to check out a quick tutorial on adding trim to your projects 🙂

Here is a sneak at the finished product, which just so happens to be a Lisse Cowl from New Horizons Designs.


Spring It On


Yay! Colors of Spring! My colors were exactly the two I adored so much in this Boundless Dress swing hack from a while back, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to come back and get a little bit more detailed with my descriptions and maybe even draw a little bit 🙂

Inspiration picture and my version for this Boundless Swing Dress hack:

It all started with the boots. Id had them for weeks and new they needed to be worn, to be given life through an outfit worthy of them. Then the amazing Darcey, owner of Sincerely Rylee Fabric, sent me with fabric in a mystery bundle. It isn’t my normal style, colors, anything really, but it was so awesome I didn’t care. I had seen a picture on Pinterest and it was happening.

My initial thought was to just make a long sleeved maxi Boundless dress from Patterns for Pirates. They are totally in fashion right now and cover up everything I’m uncomfortable with on my body. That was the safe idea. That was going to be comfortable. Since I’ve been actively trying to get outside my comfort zone, that idea was vetoed almost immediately.

I played with the fabric a little bit until it struck me like lightening (the good kind that doesn’t kill a girl). I remembered the boots….and I remembered thinking how incredible they would look with a swing dress! Problem…I didn’t have a pattern for a swim dress. NOT a problem! I can totally do that and now I’m going to tell you how so you can do it too!

Step One: measure from your armpit down to where you want the dress to hit (knees, etc.). Add 2-4 inches depending on how drastic your mountains and valleys are.

Step Two: fold your fabric in four like you were going to make a circle skirt, so you will have one single fold edge and one double fold edge. The double fold will be where you lay your pattern piece. Lay your boundless bodice piece (tank or sleeved version, whichever you choose) on the double fold of your fabric, as close to one end as possible and trace the neck, shoulder seam, and armscye.

Step Three: Now recall that measurement you took earlier from your armpit to where you wanted the dress to fall. Place that number on your measuring tape at the armpit of the traced portion of your bodice. Hold a pen at the other end of the measuring tap. Starting with the pen straight down toward the other end of the fabric begin drawing a semi-circle up towards the side of the fabric, as far as the width of the fabric will allow (up to 90 degrees). NOTE: if you want a more snug bodice, start the process a few inches below the intersection of the armpit.

Here is a diagram. The blue is the bodice piece you will be working with. The red line is the alterations you will be making to the pattern to make is SWING 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 8.44.39 AM

Step Four: connect the line to the double fold.

Step five: Cut, sew the shoulder seams, stitch in the sleeves, stitch down the sleeves and side, hem, add neck band, etc. according to the pattern directions.

Yay! You made a swing dress! Now go rock it and post some pictures so I can see how awesome y’all are!

I will add a tutorial later for the lace sleeves too! stay tuned!


Sunday Lately: 116


Sunday Lately 116

Progressing: I am making progress in getting my sewing room better organized, working to do so as my abilities and aspirations grow. I feel like the last year has been spent constantly growing my space and my skills and now that a few stores at our local mall are closing and selling their fixtures, I was able to procure a gorgeous wood and steel cutting/sewing table AND a reposition-able mannequin for the low low price of $60! Pictures of the table to come ❤


Neglecting: My kitchen….sorry kitchen! Oh wait…sorry, not sorry. If I have to choose dishes over sewing, I’m pretty sure there is a clear order of operations there. Sewing NEARLY always comes before dishes….especially when my husband leaves for three days to go do something fun and leaves behind a sink full of dishes, two overflowing hampers, and plenty of other messes. Today, he is home and let me sleep in, so in my renewed and much happier mental state, the dishes came first. No…there shall be no picture of this!

Purging: In order to make space for this new mannequin, I had to do some purging of photography equipment that I just do not use anymore….things like a backdrop stand and backdrops that just didn’t work well for the space I had, also a vintage high chair I refurbished for first year birthday pictures and an infant posing pillow. Out with the old and in with the new-to-me!

Wondering: What I will do with my time when AmeriCorps get the hack and I no longer have a job….okay…not so much wondering what I will do with my time…that’s easy to fill with sewing and blogging and having all kinds of fun with you all. My real concern with what the country will do without AmeriCorps and what my school will do when the capacity is not quite built out for the grants they have been given. I am wondering what Habitat for Humanity will do when they no longer have AmeriCorps members to help run their affiliates and build homes for people who would never otherwise be able to own a home.

Craving: Time, sleep, and to be out of pain.

You and Your Body…You’re Beautiful!

You and Your Body…You’re Beautiful!

So some of you may know and some of you may not, but I sew strike offs of custom fabric. Its is super fun and it helps me get outside of my comfort zone as far as different prints go. If I didn’t do this, my entire wardrobe would probably be just polka dots and florals 😛

So anywho, I recently sewed up some seriously amazing brushed poly spandex for Fabric Anthropology. It is a super fun Alice and Wonderland print! In the spirit of pushing myself, I decided to try to use up every last bit of scrap and make myself some Scrundies. Now, I didn’t have quite enough fabric to make a full pair of scrundies and I was going to have to do a color-blocked front. Then I realized I had just enough fabric to create TWO fronts….oh yes….it was time to get outside my comfort zone again!

Cheekies is what they are called….underwear that isn’t a thong, but leaves a fair portion of your tush exposed. That’s right….a fair portion of MY tush…..expooooooooosed. I had to take pictures of these babies still.

The flat-lay came first. That was pretty easy.


Then…I had to put them on. Now I have gained weight recently and at a place I never thought I would be, size wise. It is frustrating for me as the weight gain is caused by medicines I take to make me feel better and able to move around and function. So I chose to love my body for what it is and continue to push forward, owning who I am and what my body looks like now, just taking another step in the right direction each day. You do what you can, right?

I tell you all that to say that when I put these cheekies on the first time, I wasn’t exactly happy with what the mirror was showing me. That happens more than I’d like to admit. The thing is, rather than bashing myself or hating my body, I try a little bit of gentleness instead. I treat my body the way I would want somebody else to treat theirs, with kindness, loves and sensitivity.

I quickly took of the cheekies and reconsidered what I was about to do because I wasn’t sure the world was ready to see of what I was seeing. Then, I took a deep breath, summoned all the courage in my body, set up my camera and tripod, and put them back on. I laid down on my bed and snuggled up with my dog. My husband helped me get the camera positioned so you could see the underwear, then I triggered the camera with my remote  until I had pictures I was confident in.

This was not an easy process for me, but let me tell you just a bit about how freaking empowering it was! Holy cow! It has been soooo long since I have actually appreciated what I saw when I looked at my body. Now this is just a small portion of me, but being able to look at it and see something that looks beautiful to me, it was fabulous!

I encourage each and every one of you to go out and look at your body, love it, tell yourself how beautiful you are. Why? Because you are. You and your body, you’re beautiful!


The Tig Ol Bitty Bralette



This darn bralette trend has me feelin all sorts of ways. I love them. They’re beautiful, adorable, sexy, fun. I hate them, I don’t fit, they don’t hold my boulders up. Why can’t us ladies with the big ol boobies have cute, fun, sexy bralettes too? The amazing and absolutely adorable Jessica over at Do It Better Yourself Club recently asked if I had any tutorials in the works I might want to share and I thought….Oh…yeah….WE CAN!!!! I’m going to show you how! I have had enough after dealing with this since the age of 12. I was a D-cup in the 6th grade. I wasn’t done growing. Nursing and pregnancy has only added to my blessings. Most brands don’t even recognize my size. That’s okay. I’ll do this myself and it is going to be FABULOUS! Do it better yourself, right?! Let’s go!

Step One: Find a bra with similar coverage to what you are looking for. Don’t worry…no bras were harmed in the making of this tutorial!

Step Two: Find a fabric with moderate structure and 2-way stretch. Four-way might work, but will offer less support and if you are me, your ladies might end up down by your belly button. I chose this vibrant green 2-way ponte.

Step Three: Fold the fabric so it has two layers and lay your bra over it, spreading it as much as you can without stretching it. Adding a 3/8 inch (ish…I totally eyeballed mine!) seam allowance, trace around your bra front stopping at the side seam. Cut this out…you should have two pieces…one front, one lining. NOTE: if you want to do an overlay, lace or otherwise, you could cut two separate pieces. Just be careful to make sure they match up.

Step Four: While wearing your bra, measure yourself from the top of the side seam in the front to the opposite strap pick-up in the back. Subtract 1-2″ depending on the stretch of your fabric and cut four pieces in that length.

Step Five: Measure the side seam of your bra (mine is 4.5 inches). Now measure around your body from side-seam to side-seam. You are cutting the back piece of your barrette, so you want the middle back to be a bit narrower than the side seam. I chose for my middle back to be an inch, so my cut length for the middle is 2 inches including half inches seam allowances.  I measured a two inch cut on the fold, then measured half the side-side distance out and cut the 4.5 inch side measurement. Then, cut a diagonal line connecting the two cuts. Your piece will look taller at the ends and narrower in the middle when opened up.

Step Six: TIME TO SEW!!! We are first going to sew the lining, then the outside. First, sew the strap to the front, right sides facing. Then, repeat on the other side.


Step Seven: Sew the side seams.


Step eight:Place the lining inside of the outer bra, right sides facing and sew from the side seams to the top of the straps as well as the neckline to the top of the straps. DO NOT SEW THE BACK YET!!!!

Step Nine: Turn bra right side out. You can iron or not iron flat at this point. It’s really up to you.

Step Ten: measure the space between your bra straps in the back and use that measurement as a guide for barrette strap placement. Take the right strap and place inside the left back based on your measurements. Repeat for left strap and right back.


Step Eleven: Turn back of barrette inside out to expose seams. sew along the back, catching the straps as you go. If you are serging, make sure to not cut too much of the strap off with your blade.


Take a deep breath! You’re killing this! You’re almost done too!!! Wooohooo!!!!

Step Eleven: Measure around your underbust and cut a band of 85% of that  measurement. The band should be 3-4 inches wide based on your preference and boob amount. I prefer a thicker band because they offer more support.

Step Twelve: Sew the ends of the bands together with the band folded right sides together. Fold the band in half and pin it to the bottom of the bra with raw edges pointing the same direction. Sew.

Hey Hey Hey! You’re DONE and can now look cute AND supported!!! You made yourself an uber cute AND supportive bralette! Now have fun with it! Add lace, trims, overlays, etc.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and can’t wait to see y’all post what you make! ❤

Love your body!