Feelin Metro



I was so excited to try out the Metropolitan Pants from New Horizons Designs. I would get to make adorable pants (like pants pants….not stretchy pants) for my kiddo, try out a welt pocket (now I wonder what I was so nervous about!!), and I had a few fun twists I wanted to add to them too, because why not, right??

Best laid plans, huh?

Oh how the mighty have fallen….even though I am seriously far from mighty….cliches are just so much fun!

Sidenote, Geneva the Mastiff is sitting here kicking me in her dreams while I try to type…how rude Geneva!

Oh yes! Back to the pants! So I had these adorable pants all made in my head with perfect charcoal corduroy and a gorgeous vibrant floral flannel for the pockets and to line the pants. Ohio gets VERY cold!

So, I decided to jump right in, skimmed the directions for the welt pockets numerous times and felt like I was ready to sew. I fused and clipped and sewed and flipped…..then it hit me….unless I took the entire pocket apart, my beautiful pants would be inside out.

So…..This is the story of how I made my daughter a cozy pair of TWILL (that’s what I’m calling it and don’t try to convince me otherwise) pants lined with a gorgeous and vibrant floral flannel. Yes….I sewed the pants INSIDE OUT!!!

Behold! Thy pantaloons in reverse!

Seriously, though. This pattern is awesome, the instructions are perfect (if you decide to read them thoroughly and actually follow them), and the finished product is classic.

Happy Sewing!




Project 100


What do you do to you make yourself feel good….noooo….not like that gutter brains…I mean like emotionally good, like what makes you feel happy, fulfilled, successful?

For me, the easiest way to perk myself up or bring myself out of a depressive mind-set….build a fort to snuggle in with my dog…but then we don’t ever want to come out…so that’s maybe not the best solution.


Seriously….have you ever snuggled with a mastiff? BEST! She has been known to snuggle better than my kids, who are certified professional snugglers..which should TOTALLY be a thing.

How off topic am I?

So…my favorite non-fort-building or dog-snuggling way to make myself feel good….doing something good for somebody else.

One of my favorite PDF sewing pattern designers, Patterns for Pirates, released a free hat pattern AND a free mitten pattern right before Christmas. Since they were so generous, I decided to pay it forward….and so I set a goal and the #100Project was born. I decided I would make 100 fleece hats and 100 sets of mittens for my local Winter Freeze Shelter to hand out.

Last night I was bumming because somebody else (way more qualified and much more knowledgable than myself) was chosen for an opportunity I was hoping to have. Boohoo…poor me. NO!!! I had to nip that in the bud so I sewed up 40 hats and 30 sets of gloves I had cut out the night before. When I finished, I realized how silly I was being, and how I was now closer to the goal I had set for myself.  Also…I was really proud I didn’t break this ever-loving Whole30 I’m doing with my husband and drink all the wine in the house.


My husband gave me two books for Christmas, one of which was the always amazing Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy. First of all….Jenny Lawson, AKA The Blogess….she is my spirit animal. From the opening sentence, I just kept wanting to hug her, or dress up like a kangaroo and go to Australia with her (how fun would that be, right?!).


That’s a real taxidermied raccoon.

He participated in a cat rodeo.

Now roll that around in your grape for a minute or two.

Wow…that’s not off topic AT ALL. Hats, mittens, natural antidepressants, taxidermy, cat rodeos….this might be a good stopping point, yeah?

Anywho, my point is….sometimes the easiest way to make yourself feel better is to make somebody else feel better. Not only does it give you the warm fuzzies from all the feels, it helps you realize you do have some control and it shows you just how much you have to contribute.

Go and do people!!




Sunday Lately 105! Picking, Telling, Debating, Mixing, Humming



Picking: New foods to try! My husband and I are kicking off the new year with Whole30. It isn’t going to be easy…easier for me probably….the guy LOOOOOVES his sweet tea and spaghetti sandwiches. We won’t likely be doing anything too crazy, but adding more fruits and veggies and eliminating all dairy, sugar, and grains should be a great way to not only help our bodies be healthier, but help teach our kiddos about new healthy and yummy foods.

Telling: Myself to not yell at my kids…..hahahahahahahhaha…..hang on…bahahahaha…..wait….let me gather my composure a bit…..yeah…..I am trying. They are five and almost four and have…crap….I literally just yelled at my son to quit treating the dog like a stuffed animal while writing this paragraph. This will be a significant challenge. I told the kids that today was “no questions for mommy” day. That’s not going so well either.

Debating: Making myself a sticker reward chart so I actually do my chores. I want awesome stickers, though…with glitter and sparkles and curse words and ALL THE SASS! I feel like maybe I would be more motivated to sweep and mop (okay….just mop because my Roomba is being delivered Tuesday….YAAAAASSSSSSS) and do the dishes if it involved stickers…..maybe? I tried Rumchata and Egg nog first and that just made me want to take a nap….so stickers are next on the list.

Mixing: Medications….nothing dangerous…I PROMISE!!! I am just attempting to supplement my current regimen with vitamins and supplements to enhance the effects of the prescriptions I really don’t want to have to take. Also seriously considering finding out how to get my hands on edibles for pain. I really really really don not want to end up on long term pain medication of any sort. I’ve been in an on and off debate of how much I’m willing to risk the legalities to get my hands on something natural that works. I hate that natural pain relief is illegal but pain relief that has been proven to lead to addiction and is at the core of the current drug epidemic is a possible legal solution. Agh!

Humming: Sweet sweet lullabies after my kids go to bed…you know…that moment when they no longer seem to be out to get you remanded to the custody of an insane asylum and turn back in to adorable angels who tell you how much the love you and shower you with the best kisses and hugs you could ever imagine.



Sunday Lately: 104 – Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being


First and foremost, Merry Christmas everybody! No matter what you celebrate or what you do or don’t believe in, I hope you are enjoying the beautiful Winter weather (I’m a snow-a-holic).

Updating: My to-do list!  Yay! Christmas projects and sewing are done and I get to make my own lists again! Much lighter loads! At the very top of that list is a project I started a week and a half ago….Project 100….I am making and donating 100 hats AND 100 pairs of mittens to my local Winter Freeze Shelter. The end of Jan. is my drop dead date, though I hope to finish them much earlier than that and will be taking them there as I finish…updates here on Sunday Lately as I progress with this goal 🙂

Remembering: My Grandpa! When I was a little girl, every Christmas my grandpa would buy cordial cherries and he would give one to me. This became our ritual over the years and my Grandpa…he was my dude. I would do anything for him. To this day, ask and he shall receive. He is a wonderful man who has kept promises when nobody would have blamed him for bailing, been strong for his family, and been a hero for 6 granddaughters. My husband came home from the grocery store yesterday and was putting things away when he placed a box of cordial cherries in front of me. I had a sudden allergy attack…came out of nowhere. I spent the rest of the day reminiscing and feeling like suddenly Christmas had fully arrived.

Needing: I have everything I need. How very blessed my family and I are to have everything we need and even some things we want?!?! We are very lucky.

Wearing: The coziest clothes I can find. That’s it…nothing special…just comfy, cozy clothes. 🙂 They make me happy.

Being: THANKFUL for what I do have in my life. Cliche….sure. True, though. My life these past few years has been rough, not anything like I thought it would be, and my body has just continued to not cooperate, but sometimes when I really think about it, I am incredibly thankful for the challenges I have been given. If I hadn’t been forced out of running and training for obstacle races, I never would have delved in to sewing. I never would have met so many incredible women in a voracious online sewing community! I could choose to mope over the hard times, but it is so much more fulfilling to rave about the benefits and the good that has come from something that could potentially be seen as devastating.



Vermont in December


Vermont has long been on my list of places to go. When I was 13, my parents seriously thought about moving there. I blame them and their constant dreams of travel and new locales for my wanderlust. I have yet to visit Vermont. Thankfully Terra Jennings over at New Horizons Designs created the Vermont Cardigan to tide me over until I can get there in person.


If you’ve been searching for a pattern to create the perfect basic cardigan to wear over a shell, try the cropped cardigan with the wide binding. Need a cozy winter sweater for snowy days? Add a hood to the tunic length cardigan. Also of note, the cuffs are killer! With buttons optional, this pattern really lets you create the cardigan of your dreams.

I was lucky enough to get to test the pattern before it was released and it was so easy to put together! Quick and simple, perfect for an evening sew. Check out the tunic-length cardigan with hood I made during testing!

So what are you waiting for?!?! go get the pattern and make ALL the cards already!!





Ahoy there! A few fellow pirates convinced me (because that took a whole ton of arm twisting…not!) today to hack a new Patterns for Pirates patterns to add a hood. Since I have no hair, my head gets cold easily, which then means all of me gets cold easily. Which means….I like hoods. They keep my head warm. When I’m warm, I’m happy 🙂


This brings me to this amazing pattern! This cardigan hugs my body is all the write places, is seriously versatile. This Cardigan can be made is nearly every knit fabric for anything from a formal bolero style card to a warm, cozy, snuggle-by the fire cardigan with a hood to keep you toasty on cold and snowy winter nights.

So a few of the awesome ladies over at the Patterns for Pirates Facebook page were wanting a hood on their cardigans. I have recently become a hobbyist hacker…of sewing patterns. I love to mash them, mix and match them, mod them, etc. So I thought this would be the perfect challenge. Geneva thought otherwise when I went to make the video the first time….

So I tried again after she fell asleep 😛

If you have any questions, ask away!! ❤ Pictures of the finished product to come soon!



Feeling Vintage


When you’re lucky, a wonderful custom fabric host will offer to let you sew up some of her awesome cozy strike-offs for her next round. The wonderful ladies over at Vintage Lace asked me to do just this for their spring line. I was soooooo excited to get that message. Happy dancing may or may not have been involved.

Just check out these gorgeous prints!


The feminine florals, neutral shamrocks, and totally sassy hip-hopping bunnies are out of this world AND are available in super cozy cotton-lycra OR the cuddliest Brushed Poly! And when I say cuddly, I mean, I asked my husband to pet it at least ten times before even sewing, inside and out, because I needed him to understand the miracle-level cuddliness of this fabric.

I was sent the  super awesome hip-hopping bunnies, a few panels, and that gorgeous shamrock fabric. I am still working on the shamrocks and the adult-sized panel, but an outfit jumped out at me for my son and it needed to happen ASAP!

My son was seriously excited that it was his turn for a mommy-made outfit AND his turn to take pictures BY HIMSELF. He was soooooo excited, this happened when we went to take pictures…

His whole out fit was made with patterns from Patterns for Pirates PDF patterns (which are awesome for the novice or experiences sewist!). The top is a Jolly Roger Raglan with Add-on cross-over hood. His pants are the Baby Bear joggers with slat pockets and cuffs.

You can get in on the Vintage lace Preorder HERE. The star fabric came from TKB Prints and while not always available, Lisa Marie (TKB Goddess in Charge) always has gorgeous star color ways going on! Check her fabric out HERE.

Sunday Lately 100: Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, Scheduling



Completing: Only the things that are nearest and dearest to my heart. As this month ends,  I reflect back on a year lived very differently than those which came before. A year ago I endured a month-long flare of Lupus and Sjogren’s. I struggled to wake up and drive to work, to stay awake for 12 straight hours, to make it past my kids’ 6pm bed time, to eat, to eat to do anything but lay in a hot bath to relieve the pain or sleep to make it all go away. The past year has been filled with even more diagnoses and a downward health spiral. During what should have been a very grimm and painful time, I found bliss in my changing habits, in the newly found need to only worry about what I absolutely NEEDED to worry about, to enjoy the moments I used to spend hosting and making sure things were perfect. I spend more time playing with my kids, talking with them, checking things off of my list and following whims that just sound too fun not to follow, including finishing an indoor jungle gym for my kids to play on when it is just too dang cold to do anything outside.

Visiting: I have been permitting it up lately. As the glorious fall bends in to winter, I tend to hole up a bit more than normal. Not only do I prefer to avoid the germ-laden world waiting for me outside my front door, I find I generally prefer to be home. A few years back I started trying to make as much stuff on my own as possible (which is what started the whole sewing thing to begin with) and I gradually began to realize, there were very few things I actually NEEDED to leave my house for, which has come in really handy lately as I want to nap 18-20 hours a week on top of sleeping at night.

Repeating: Myself…over and over and over again….to my children. I love them dearly, I do, but MAN does it get old arguing with them from dawn ’til dusk! I could literally tell them to go eat any and all candy they can find and their first instinct would be to argue and tell me they don’t want that. WHAT IS THIS PHASE?!?! It is supremely un-fun! Any insight on when it ends or how to make it stop would be greatly appreciated!

Writing: More blogs! Mostly just writing more, letting myself have the time to just write seems so luxurious to me, to write about what I want to write about, to write about what I do, or how I altered a sewing pattern, built something, cooked something, or even just write about my life. It is a long-term goal of mine to write a book one day…the day I find the guts to write that much about myself and not stop every two seconds because I tell myself over and over again that there is absolutely NO WAY somebody wants to read an entire book about somebody’s life they know nothing about….even though I read these books regularly.

Scheduling: Everything. I’m a planner. I work at a school and so when the school year was about to begin, I bought a Limelife planner and a bajillion adorable stickers to decorate and make my organization extra fun and happy…also so I could get my calendar out of my head!! It is blissfully floral, colorful, and makes me VERY VERY happy (as well as organized and on time!).


Dear Small Child I Need to Take Pictures Of


My daughter, she is a force to be reckoned with. I have to tell myself daily this is a good thing that will serve her very well as she grows. She is fiercely independent, knows what she wants, and REALLY knows what she does not want. She is emboldened and empowered and she voices her needs, goals, desires, and insights without fear of retribution. She is going to rock people’s worlds. She is also five years old.

95% of the time, she is totally game to throw on a new dress/shirt/pair of pants and a little lip gloss and take pictures (lip gloss TOTALLY required, says her). However, here in Ohio, we quite suddenly went from late summer to early winter overnight. It was 39 degrees and there were 15mph winds. We were cold. The dress in question? The beautiful new release from Made for Mermaids, the Dreamy collection’s new addition, Noelle.


I  absolutely must tell you that this dress is SO DANG QUICK to sew up! It is as fast to sew as it is versatile! I totally rushed through my first one and sewed the peplum on crooked because I am TOTALLY AWESOME, or I would show you a more casual version. It was just too easy to go all dreamy and fancy with this gorgeous velvet I found.

The fuzzy (cozy, hello!!) cowl was a total happy accident when I had folded my velvet back up already and didn’t want to unfold it. As I was being increasingly lazy, I noticed the remnant of fury minky and a lightbulb appeared over my head

Back to the pictures. I am VERY lucky that some of my kiddo’s less-than-happy faces look similar enough to a smile they can pass, and also that she loves to twirl and is usually easily bribed with hot chocolate or ice cream (season-dependent). Yes, I bribe my child to let me take pictures of her. I didn’t used to, but when it began happening more and more frequently, the case became that she was really helping me out, so I guess maybe I don’t bribe her? I compensate her for her time. Yes, that sounds MUCH better!

Anywho, puuuhhhLEASE just look at this gorgeous dress pattern and consider heading over to the M4M Facebook page to check out even more versions! This is THE perfect Christmas dress for little girls everywhere while also being an amazingly cute top with less fanciful fabrics!



P.S. Affiliate links are contained in this post!


Family Photos?!?!?!


sneak peek image.png

My husband and I have been married for six and a half years….this is the FIRST time we’ve taken a picture together that was not just a quick snap or a selfie. I have taken family pictures for soooo many other people in those six and a half years, but never for us. What changed? I am now armed with a remote and “need to photograph those clothes I made you.” Watch out Hubby! Times, they are a changing.

Just kidding, mostly. He willingly took these (this one, trouble-ridden photo in which every battery died, my remote was on the fritz, and I managed to LEAVE MY SUNGLASSES ON!) and models because he is amazing.


Needless to say, I need to go out and take more, but hubby works nights and so it ended up just being the kiddos and me. Go figure, we had good lighting, the batteries were all working well, no glitches, and I even remembered to take my sunglasses off. MY two small tornadoes even decided to cooperate and were over-the-top adorable (couldn’t have been that ice cream and painting I promised them!) for the second shoot.

Now, you KNOW I needed to make all of our outfits for these pictures. What could be better than snarky, cute Christmas shirts and cozy joggers for the whole family?! Our pants are all the amazing new joggers from Patterns for Pirates and the patterns can be found here.

The shirts are also Patterns for Pirates, the Men’s Henley and Women’s Henley as well as the Jolly Roger Raglan.

The killer plaid came from Wondergound Fabrics, the oh-so-cozy moose and bear print is from Vintage Lace, and the solids are from all over the place including Purple Seamstress, Knitpop, and Allilane in Abbyville.

When these joggers were still in testing and the amazing Judy over at Patterns for Pirates allowed me to help test the pattern, my husband did even more modeling for me with my sweet Adeline. See if you can tell how much she loves her daddy. 😛

They melt my heart juuuuuuust a tiny bit. Okay, so I’m a puddle, whatever.

These are my people. We thrive on each other and love being goofy together. And now there is even evidence of all of that! Yay!

Sew..what should you wear? Wear what you love, what makes you happy, what you enjoy, and what is comfortable!